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​CheezLand Uke Band's history of gigs:
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 Library Concert Series

Valley View Mall

Pump House Regional Arts Center 1

Pump House Regional Arts Center 2

The Cheez Land Uke Band performance group, "Cream Cheez" played at the New Years Eve Fundraiser to renovate the Pump House.  Two hundred attendees enthusiastically joined in during our set - we loved it and it looked like they did, too!  Members of the Cream Cheez that took the stage that night were:  Mike Bagneski, Laura Moriarity, Mel Pehling, Dale Norris, Diane Brose, Janet & Jani Rueteler, Steve Keyser and Bill Trubilowicz.

La Crosse Historic Downtown Day 

Cheez Land Uke Band
La Crosse Library

Valentine's Day Ukulele-gram