CheezLand Uke Band Organization

The Cheezland Uke Band (CLUB) is organized as a non-profit group in the State of Wisconsin.  
One of the requirements of our bylaws is to hold an annual meeting of the membership.  Look for an announcement in an email if you've given us your address.
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Cheri Schuyler, President
Ken Alexander, Vice President 
Sue Witte, Secretary
Don Salter, Treasurer
Glen, Benson, Board Member
Cheryl Hansen, Board Member
Ben Olson, Board Member Emeritus

History of the
​CheezLand Uke Band

​First Uke Club Meeting

Click below to read all about how the CLUB got started and grew:
November 2, 2010 - This picture was taken a week after the La Crosse Tribune published a story about the new ukulele club. The story was a call to action for all people interested in learning how to play the ukulele to join the club. About 27 people attended our first meeting.
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​The Original Four 
Uke Club Members

CheezLand Gigs

This picture was taken during the last week of October 2010 by the La Crosse Tribune
just prior to publishing their story about the band entitled, Ukulele U.
​The founders of the Cheez Land Uke Band are: 
Tim Schneipp
 in the blue shirt at the far left.
Corey Schwan seated to Tim's left.
Dave Simpkinson is closest to the camera.
Joe Sexton seated on the higher stool to Corey's left. 
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